Make Money Online With Forum Posting


Make money online with forum posting starting today. Online forums are a popular tool used by website owners to generate frequent visitor traffic as they encourage members to return frequently to create new topics, add comments or debate. By understanding how forums operate you can quickly learn exactly how to make money simply by chating in forums about subjects that you are passionate about. Isn't it time that you turned your time into cash?

How Do Online Forums Work?

Members can create a new topic or thread on a given subject of their choice and then watch as other members contribute with their own thoughts, views and opinions. Online forums can be used to generate debates, provide simple technical information or used to simply chat and make new friends.

How To Make Money With Forum Posting

Forum owners depend upon a steady stream of visitor traffic and it is unlikely that visitors will contribute to a forum that has only a handful of topics or active members. The more activity and contributions or members there are on a forum the more likely it will be to attract larger numbers of visitors and the faster it will grow. It is because of this that forum posters are constantly in demand. As a forum poster you will normally be hired to help boost activity on a forum in the hope of attracting more visitors to the site. A website owner may have 2 or 3 forum posters who register as members and start posting daily comments or creating new discussion threads on the forum.

As a forum poster you may on average be paid 20-50p for each contribution you make and you will be set a target of the number of minimum contributions you will be expected to generate on a daily basis, for example 50 contributions. You will be given a username and password to register on the forum site so that the forum owner can keep track of your progress and pay you accurately.

Creating Online Forum Signature Links

Signature links will form the life blood of your business, because they are a superb way of either advertising your own site and therefore generating more visitor traffic, or generating visitor traffic for other clients, who purchase your signature links.

Here's how to create a signature link using Bulletin Board code, which is slightly different to HTML code;

Step 1 - Decide on the anchor text that you would like to create. The term anchor text refers to the keyword(s) or strap line that you would like to associate with the site that you are advertising. The normal thing to do is to make sure it relates to your website or blog. For example if your site is about video sharing, then you might use Paid To Share Your Videos or Share Your Videos and Get Paid or Post Your Videos For Free.

Step 2 - Once you have decided upon your anchor text and have created an account on your chosen forum, go to the user panel. This may be called by a different name depending upon the site. Sometimes it's called the CP panel, but essentailly it's the place where you can edit all aspects of your account on the forum.

Step 3 - Select the Edit Signature Link Option.

You will now be presented with a small text box, in which you can create a signature link. Simply copy and paste the following code into the text box on the forum.

[url=""]Paid To Share Your Videos[/url] . Simply replace the website URL and anchor text with that of your own.

This will transform the above code into a simple line of text that looks like this Paid To Share Your Videos. This is called your anchor text.

You can repeat the process as many times as you are permitted to have signature links. Congratulations, you've just created your first forum signature link.

How To Promote Your Online Forum Posting Services

Everyone wants to get paid to post on forums so it is important that you communicate clearly what benefit you can bring to the owner of a forum site. To help we have created our top tips for promoting your services as a forum poster.

1. Advertise In Popular Online Forums

Digital Point Forums and Site Point Forums receive huge volumes of visitor traffic and regularly host adverts for online forum posters on third party sites. These sites are a good place to network and identify potential clients whom you can market your services to.

2. Communicate Your Knowledge Clearly

Online Forum owners will want to know what knowledge you can bring to their forum, so make it clear in your advert what skills, knowledge or expertise you have. Knowledge about the following topics is almost always in demand;

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Internet Marketing, Computing, Job Search, Interviewing and CV tips, personal finance, debt, credit, loans and mortgages. Some online forum posting jobs may not need specific knowledge but it is best that you highlight any specialist knowledge that you have.

3. Don't Publish Your Monetary Expectations

It is far better to have potential online forum owners contact you to discuss money rather than publish your expectations. This is because your demands may be excessively high and put off potential employers or you may be under selling your skills. This way when they make you an offer you can make a decision as to its suitability based upon your personal circumstances without pricing yourself out of the market.

4. Testimonials

In any advert you post include a phrase like Testimonial Available On Request. Make sure that you get some testimonials or references from each online forum owner that you complete assignments for in order to showcase your skills. Online forum owners are more likely to hire online forum posters who have a proven track record, although this isn't always the case. It must be stressed however that you will significantly increase your chances of future employment if you can evidence the quality of your service and testimonials are a great way to do this.

5. Newbies

If you are new to online forum posting then it is unlikely that you will have built up many testimonials, so try instead to compete on price. Normally I would advise against publishing your monetary demands but if you have an idea of what is being offered try to offer a lower rate to secure the contract. That way you will start to build a portfolio of work to launch your business from. In addition consider spending 3 months working for free. Contact online forum owners through the sites listed and offer them your services free of charge in return for a testimonial. That way you can build a track record that you can use as a spring board to secure forum opportunities to make money online with forum posting.

How To Negotiate A Forum Posting Contract

You need to think carefully about some of the following elements when negotiating a contract to work as a online forum poster.

1. How Long Is The Contract For?

This will either be time related, for example 1 week, 1 month or incentive related, for example for 1000 contributions.

2. Monetary Considerations

Will you charge per contribution that you make on a forum or a flat hourly rate?

3. Contribution Quality

What are the minimum expectations of the online forum owner in relation to each contribution. For example do they expect a minimum number of words per contribution? It is unlikely that an online forum owner will pay you for a one word contribution, normally you will be expected to make 2-3 lines of relevant text contributions.

It is worth defining the terms of the contract prior to commencing the work so that both you and the client are clear as to what will be delivered. This will also improve your chances of being paid as it offers less opportunity for disagreement over the contributions that you make as an online forum poster.

Online Forums List to Get You Started

Webmaster Forums

  • Digitalpoint - Digital Point Forums is the premier web master forum and is a do follow forum. It is one of the most highly respected and used sites for new and experienced website owners and bloggers to get answers to important technical questions or seek the latest SEO advice. It is our preferred choice of site for all manner of website related questions.

  • Geek Village - A hugely popular webmaster online forum packed with stacks of information about SEO, Internet Marketing, PPC advertising, Software and Technology news and great ways to make money online.

  • Admin Zone Forums - Admin Zone Forums provides owners and administrators of online forums with a rich source of information, networks and contacts to help them manage a thriving online community as well as developing a profitable revenue stream. Get answers to common online forum problems and learn how to deal with difficult users without alienating your core online forum members.

  • Cnet Forums - Another great webmaster forum that helps provide information and answers to a wide range of technical and software questions including; digital media & design, hardware, operating systems, software, electronics & internet services.

  • AMD Forums - AMD Forums is the official online forum in which to discuss the AMD brand of computer processors. It is ideal for technical support enthusiasts and professionals who need definitive information of this technology.

  • Blogger Forum - Blogger Forum provides an exhaustive resource of information, guides, hints and tips to help you maximise your blogging experience. This online forum is a great source of discussion for the latest software and technology available to bloggers, regardless of the blogging platform that you use. There are also great tips for maximising blogging revenue

  • Blogger Talk - Another great online forum dedicated to blogger. Blogger Talk allows new and experienced bloggers to ask questions and share their experiences of how to get the most from blogging online.

  • BZ Image - SEO Forum - BZ Image is an invaluable online forum dedicated to helping website owners and bloggers to stay ahead. You can discuss the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, discuss the latest software releases or ask technical questions about website or blog layout and design. A great webmaster resource.

  • Clicks Forum - Click is an online forum for website and blog owners keen to monetise and promote their site. It packed with SEO tips, public relations techniques and other internet promotional activities to help boost visitor traffic.

  • Code4gold - Code4Gold is a successful do follow forum dedicated to website and blog owners looking for innovative new SEO approaches or the latest webmaster tips. Categories include; Website Promotion and Marketing , Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs , Make Money Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Google Products and Services , Content Management Systems, Social Networking, Domain Names, Website Design and Maintenance & Payment Processing Solutions.

  • DN Lodge - DN Lodge is an online forum dedicated to a wide range of webmaster channels including domain name discussion, programming and software chat and search engine optimisation. Whatever your IT related question, DN Lodge is likely to have an answer and the fact that it is a do follow site is excellent.

  • Filesharingtalk - Love file sharing? Then the File Sharing Talk online forum is the No1 place to build your knowledge and experience, whilst sharing your own opinions.

  • DirectoryJunction - Directory Junction is an online forum dedicated to website and blog owners who need to quickly access technical information and advice or simply what to share their experience of the latest SEO techniques. It has a growing membership database and there are always plenty of threads which you can contribute to.

  • Free Advertising Forum - The Free Advertising Forum allows you to advertise your business, website , blog or individual products or services for free. It's a great way to get free links back to your site as well as improving your internet promotion channels.

  • Freewebspace - Free Webspace is an excellent online forum that brings web hosting companies and website and blog owners together. If you offer free web hosting packages you can advertise here and if you are looking for a basic web hosting package that is free, then this is a great place to find it and read reviews of the web hosting companies.

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