How To Make Money Without Spending

A Penny


If you are looking for some great ways to make money without spending a penny then we have put together a guide to help you get started. The ten ideas we have come up with are designed to be minimum hassle to implement, but our site has hundreds of different ways to make money and we are adding to them each and every week, so feel free to have a browse. If you have any other ideas then leave a comment on this post as we love to hear your feedback.

1. Paid Surveys

Paid survey sites are a great way to make money without spending a penny and can generate a small monthly income. As a member you are paid a small amount of money for completing online surveys relating to a wide variety of questions, which are usually associated with new products and services. You should expect to earn between £30-150 per month from paid survey sites. Some people make the mistake of only signing up with just one survey site but no one site will provide you with the volume of surveys you will need to make a small monthly income. You need to sign up with between five and eight sites to ensure that you can make it worth while. We have written an extensive number of reviews of approximately 60 survey communities to help you get started and avoid having to trawl the internet looking for suitable sites, you can view them here.

2. Paid To Chat

These are fantastic sites if you can find them as they actually pay you to chat with other online users! Usually you will be paid a set amount for each and every contribution that you make on the site such as starting a discussion thread, or writing a blog entry or replying to a discussion created by another member. Social networking sites like these are excellent if you like making friends and earning money in the process. Read our comprehensive reviews of some of the best online social networking sites where you can get paid to chat, you can view our reviews here.

3. Paid To Write

If you enjoy writing articles or product reviews then these sites are a great way to build a regular monthly income. Helium is by far the best paid to write site as it encourages a variety of original posts and articles and pays promptly and regularly. Also the payment threshold of $25 can be reached quickly and your articles continue to earn money for as long as they remain on the site. The other great thing about Helium is that you can continue to post your articles on other sites, without being penalised.

There are also a number of sites like CIAO which has an international presence and where you can get paid to write consumer reviews on almost anything from books, products, holiday destinations and websites. For each consumer review you write you get paid every time another member reads the review or rates it. The more popular your review the more money you can earn. You can find more information by reading our detailed articles on Paid To Write and Paid To Review Sites.

4. Create Your Own Blog

Free blogging sites like and enable members to create free blogs and have them hosted for free. You can create your own blog about anything and build your own brand. As your blog becomes more popular you will receive more and more visitor traffic. You can earn money from your hard work by posting adverts on your blog or create an Adsense account. Adsense will pay you a few cents each time someone reading your blog clicks on the advertising placed next to the content. This may seem a tiny amount of money but is soon builds up as you receive more and more visitors to your blog. Our top tip is to ensure that you update your blog regularly with high quality and original content and add images or video content to the site to make it more appealing. To find out more read our article entitled Make Money Online From Blogging.

5. Create Your Own Website

Whilst this may seem daunting it has become so easy and there are lots of sites that now offer website templates enabling you to create your own website in a matter of minutes, with only limited technical knowledge. Websites are a good source of income as you can sell advertising space or host Adsense adverts. This can bring in hundreds of dollars per month and help boost your combined income. Our top tip is to try and create a site based on skills and knowledge that you already possess.

6. Rent Out Your Room As A TV Or Film Location

You do not have to live in a mansion or even a highly desirable property to rent out your home to a production company. They are constantly on the look out for a variety of properties to use as film locations. You can earn anywhere between £300 and £15,000 a day for opening up your home as a film set. Here are two great sites to get you started, &

7. Write a Book

Anyone can write a book as long as you are prepared to invest time and creativity. This can be a labour intensive process as most publishers demand a minimum of 70,000 words to even consider publishing. This may take a year to create but the long term financial rewards in the form of royalties can be staggering.

8. Get A Lodger

If you already own a property then getting a lodger is an ideal way of making money without spending a penny. If you have a spare room then why not consider making it work for you as an investment and in the process earn hundreds of pounds per month.

9. Mobile Advertising

If you are willing to allow your car to be fitted out with an advert that covers its bodywork, you can earn yourself a few hundred pounds a month. You do not have to drive it anywhere in particular as a company will simply pay you for posting the advert on your car. So essentially you get paid to drive! Visit Ads On Cars and start earning between £70 and £220 per month!

The final great way you can earn money without spending a penny is as a mystery shopper. Companies often employ agencies to run mystery shopping schemes to enable them to compare customer service across a wide area. You can earn between £10 and £35 just for spending an hour evaluating the customer service of a specific store and feeding back your comments on your experiences. Mystery shopping organisations now have excellent online system that enable you to submit your feedback and findings via a secure internet site, without the hassle of posting paperwork.

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